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Hangzhou 2011 China the fifth tour of Qiandao Lake international road cycling race held in

People.com.cn Hangzhou Chunan October 16-15 October to 16, China2011, Hangzhou fifth tour of Qiandao Lake international cycling and the Yangtze River Delta college bicycle baby tournament held in Qiandao Lake.

The tour of Qiandao Lake international cycling race as Second World Leisure Expo in Chunan main campus and2011China Hangzhou Qiandao Lake Xiushui is an important event of the festival, is the highest level of amateur athletes to participate in the competition, contestants level, teams, participating countries are the crown. There are from the United States, Japan, Britain, Australia and other22 countries and regions,31 teams of200cyclists participated in the competition.

The international road cycling road cycling groups, a total of two big four small, embark from the Qiandao Lake square, via Qiandao Lake bridge, along the Fen line from thousands to Fen town, about 150 km journey. After more than 3hours of the race, the final trek Chinese Cycling Team, team Hongkong Pu Jisi, Zhejiang shellfish Europe team won the group one or two, three, the men's individual championship by trek Chinese Cycling Team Yang Wei won the women's individual champion from China, riding friends network 's Wang Xueli won the men's individual, foreign CS ( champion from Hongkong Zhuo than Oslo ) team Darren Benson.

With exciting bicycle race held at the same time, the first delta college bicycle baby tournament also hot. ( Wang Chu, Li Qun )

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