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About us

Zhejiang beiou Composites Manufacturing Co. is located in the beautiful Hangzhou Qiandao Lake, founded in 2009, in 2011completed and put into production. The main carbon fiber composite materials research and development, production, and sales.

In promoting environmental protection and energy conservation today, carbon fiber market is more and more widely used, the superior performance of the composite material is more and more prominent. beiou engineers division on the carbon fiber material performance and application of up to 15 years of experience to use carbon fiber series of bicycle development and manufacturing.

As the beiou parentcompany  Xiamen Hongji Chan has more than 90person R & D team, successfully developed a number of excellent performance and adapt to market the series of bicycle. And in the calendar year and participating exhibitors achieved outstanding results. In the 2011 Shanghai exposition won the gold, silver, copper three prize good results.

In our growth process, with the past experience, a parent company, strong technical support, and Xiamen University national research institutions to achieve cooperation, we firmly believe that, in the future," beiou" will be all cognitive and become everybody praise the brand.

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